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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 6 Best Worst Business Practices

In no particular order, they’re all great!

  1. Be dismissive. Everyone loves to have their concerns brushed aside. Reply to a customer’s complaint with a simple “yeah, yeah…”. The customer will see that you mean business and will be suitably chastened. Works every time.
  2. Trust your enthusiasm. Since you willingly spend $100 for a bottle of wine or $1000 for a laptop, your customer would naturally be pleased to do likewise.
  3. Let your opinion reign supreme. You have been in the business a long time and you know what is best for your customer.
  4. Don’t let customers distract you. Customers are usually well-meaning but does it always have to be all about them?
  5. Overpromise. A promise is a commitment. To overpromise is to make extra commitment. Who can complain about that?
  6. Underperform. The reasoning behind this corollary to #5 should be obvious: it leaves the customer wanting more.

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