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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday, I signed up for Foursquare, the location service, or whatever it is. Officially, I don't get it. I do a little bit, but am doubtful of its overall heft.

From what I glean, it is a game, somewhat, but also a tool to find people you know. You use the service to announce where you are, though not really.

It listed a number of points near me. I clicked on those places and received credit and points for being there. I did it from the chair I am sitting in now. So that’s a bit of a fake.

It is Twitterish, but connected to places. Think of sitting at a restaurant and “Hang on while I post to Foursquare about this place.” That could be obnoxious, but so is the ubiquitous cell phone.

Foursquare has earned a lot of buzz, and it has pocketed real VC money, but is this thing going to fly? I do not see how, but I am no seer.

Foursquare was popular at the South by Southwest conference. A meet up service at a meet up: that will work. I wonder how much of the excitement is that localized? Is there room in West Virginia for this?

Buzz is a flutter. It makes the world glow and prospects loom. Maybe Foursquare will provide return for investors. The challenge is to see the whole machine and not just the noise it makes. I will continue with Foursquare for a while but do not feel commitment in the offing. Do you think it will last?

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