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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple Jam

Antenna problems with Apple’s iPhone 4 produced an unusually strong backlash. The echo chamber of fans and rabid press make interpreting recent events difficult, but safe to say that Apple flubbed the sitch to some extent.

Apple reacted slowly to the problem, that is, to the complaint of dropped calls. The company neglected to come forward quickly to confirm that a problem exists, or at least that they heard the complaints and were taking them seriously. That lack of response allowed speculation to grow.

Ars Technica quotes Steve Jobs about the iPhone drama:

Haven't we earned the credibility and trust from some of the press to give us a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, of our motivations, the fact that we're confident and will solve these problems?

No! It does not work that way. The press is supposed to ask questions. And the more questions left unanswered by Apple, the more agitation that will show in the press. Let Apple and its prepositional phrases take care of public reassurance.

Google’s misstep with Buzz bugged me because it suggested something institutional about the company, thus the product. This current brouhaha likewise gives me a bad feeling about Apple. Such bad feelings keep customers away, they really do.

Has the game changed with Apple now so large?

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