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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Art of Seduction

The title is from a post by Seth Grodin, here. The first sentence reads: “Carole Mallory was Norman Mailer's mistress.”. Okay, I’m seduced. Norman Mailer + mistress = intrigue.

Unfortunately, that sentence is a throwaway. Grodin does not expand on the Mallory/Mailer relationship. Instead, he weakly links this ‘seduction’ to the point that marketers try to seduce. I expected more from Grodin than this prestidigitation.

Grodin states that Mallory seduced Mailer, which I file under assumption. It is not common knowledge and smells more like Grodin’s underlying attitude. He does not back up the statement or expatiate, so the value of it lies only in underwhelming intrigue

This post has nothing to do with Mallory and Mailer. His attitude in fact impinges on his point. The seduction of this blog post bears no intrinsic basis to his intent. That sort of cheat wears thin. Readers recognize when they have been taken.

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