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Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking News:The Internet was Invented Last Night!

Last night, while you slept, various entrepreneurs, tech geeks, and visionaries invented the Internet. They produced something you should have been dreaming about. They made a useful tool for business and marketing communications. You are going to want to get up to speed with it.

Even though you were not involved in the invention of the Internet, those who were kindly left room for you to “do your own thing”. If you have a product or service to offer, or if you have customers or clients, the Internet can help you stay in touch with these essential people. Businesses staying in touch with their customers is a good thing.

The Internet offers different ways of connecting with your customers. For instance, something called email. Through mysterious means involving electrons or whatever, you can send electronic messages to people. Email is a quick and efficient ways to communicate with your customers. Give it a try.

The tubes of the Internet let you easily and effectively show people what you offer. You can write stuff, present pictures, music, and movies, anything that will attract customers and that you deem appropriate. It is all very exciting in a science fictiony way.

You can also integrate your business socially with the public using what are called social networks. But why would you want to do that?

Value accrues from establishing a stronger connection with your clientele and customers. Social networks let you speak to their enthusiasm. You do so by sharing your own enthusiasm and  knowledge. Millions of people use such networks as Facebook and Twitter. Not only will you connect with customers, but they will spread the word, too. That is social networking.

This fancy new thing, the Internet, shows a lot of potential. It  will probably catch on. Though you are late out of the block, you can still help grow your business by making use of this great new communication tool. Get in on the excitement while it lasts!

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