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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Search Engine Disoptimization

A couple of questions:

Are you satisfied with the Internet searches that you do? Me neither. For whom does a search engine optimization serve? Not those of us using these tools to search.

I rarely look beyond the first page of a search. Beyond that, the optimized crap sites beat off any usefulness that one might find.

The gaming of search engines will change because search engines will change. It is not in the interest of Google, Bing, et al. to send searchers to optimized sites that lack useful or original content. We search because we want content not keywords.

Search engines will catch up to the current spamming protocol, and a new gaming cycle will begin. Until then, it behooves those of us who add to the Internet’s inexhaustible content to play nice. Let us produce good content, and leave the gaming to a minimum.

Good content is directed, logical, and clear. To produce that can be our Grail. Optimization that diminishes content diminishes the message! Providing searchers with value is the message. Trapping unwary surfers is not.

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