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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Media as Buzz Word

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs as instruments of business connection has created what we term social media. Social media provides a tool to reach customers. That tool has been effective, but I think we need reminder of how the tool works.

Social media offers a channel for communication. That channel needs two-way communication. Two way communication sits at the heart of effective social media.

A problem develops when businesses try to steer the communication. Such steering results in the same sort of effect as someone hogging the conversation at a party. Listeners tune out.

One should remember that social media communication differs from the advertising of old. Old style advertising used television, radio, magazines, and other one way streets. The advertiser controlled the message. You the potential consumer heard only what advertisers wanted you to hear.

Social media works in the tubes and databanks of the Internet. The Internet is interactive. What you put on the Internet can be refuted, distorted, or sung to the high heavens. You simply cannot fully control the message.

From a business standpoint, this can dismay. The business message seems out of control. Power resides in that lack of control, however.

The thing is, your product or service has to be worth consumer interest. Things that work well interest consumers. Your marketing enthusiasm differs from a consumer’s enthusiasm for your product. If you use social media strictly to spout your marketing enthusiasm, you do not connect to whatever enthusiasm consumers have for your product or service. That is the opposite of going viral.

Be proud of what you offer, and show it in honest terms. You work in the land of trust, finally; you want to earn the trust of consumers. Give consumers valuable information and real insight. Avoid muddying the water with hype.

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