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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lack of System Design

Some business websites provide illustrations of lameness in vivid ways. We do not ask for this service, but they provide it anyway.

Let us say that you went to the website because you wanted some information. Perhaps you wanted to know something about the product or service that the company offers. Are you psyched to diddle around the site to find the information that you seek. No, me neither.

Time for a bullet list.

  • Organization: let’s have some. Treat the home page as a table of contents, with a clear map to where things are.
  • Clutter: get rid of it. Opt for content and not distraction.
  • Formatting: use it. Break content into logical and comprehensible units.

Most business sites require certain elements, like:

  • Contact Info, including social network options
  • Directions to physical locations, including maps
  • Service or product descriptions
  • Service or product pricings

Identify these clearly. They are why people come to the site.

Finally, eliminate verbiage. Use words sparingly, allow meaning not noise to prevail.

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